This is a new service I came across recently:  BitWine’s tagline is "Time Commerce made easy".

"Get straightforward Advice, Instructional Guidance or a Second Opinion. Talk to real people in real time using webcams"

If you want advice or would like to become an advisor, take a look.


One thought on “BitWine

  1. Alon Cohen

    Hi Jane
    Thank you Jane for writing about If you need any help we can set you up with a BitWine profile (and a presence indicator) that you can place on your web sites, and provide paid advice about e-learning.
    Ask for my e-mail and we can talk.
    Here is a true story that shows the power of BitWine.
    My kid came from school yesterday with a statement that he has a math test today.
    Well as any good parent you sit with the kid to see where the problems are. The problem was simple “When you need to convert a sentence like -the quotient of A and B – to an algebraic expression is it A/B or B/A” Usually an insignificant question but for a kid who sees his future at MIT since 6th grade it was important.
    I was in a harry for a meeting in NY. I did a quick search on Google just to find that quotient and math all has to do with high level math of derivatives.
    The solution, I searched for an online math teacher on BitWine, made the call, paid ONE dollar and got my answer. I could have probably gotten it for free from the nice teacher, but hey I was happy to pay.
    Now next time that my kid needs a tutor for some serious math study or a quick answer, I know were to go.

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