Raptivity is an interesting tool, the details of which have recently been submitted to me at the e-Learning Centre.  This is what they say about their product:


"Raptivity is the world’s first and only rapid interactivity builder. With Raptivity, you can rapidly add interactivity to your eLearning content. You can use Raptivity with minimal learning and absolutely no programming. You can continue to use your existing authoring environment and processes, and use Raptivity to add zest to your content.

"Raptivity provides a unique library of 100’s of rapidly-customizable interaction models such as crosswords, puzzles, eLearning games, simulations, soft-skill simulations and many more. The content published by Raptivity is based on accepted industry standards, easily distributable over the Internet, and does not require any proprietary plug-in."

You can download a free trial to create 20 interactivities of your choice

2 thoughts on “Raptivity

  1. V Dodd

    The claim: “Raptivity is the world’s first and only rapid interactivity builder.” is not true.
    Inmarkets Limited developed a Rapid Course Creator that our clients have been using to author WHOLE courses with lots of interactive elements for over a year. Visit http://www.inmarkets.com for more information.

  2. Raptivity

    There is the basic difference between a course creation tool and Raptivity. Raptivity falls completely outside your course creation environment and allows creation of interactions. These interactions, once created, can then be integrated with various course creation tools or presentation tools or web design tools and many more. Raptivity is the interactivity builder (and not course creation tool) which helps in the creation of interactivities. The Raptivity library of 175+ rapidly customizable interactions is content independent and these interactions can be used in various learning situations. The customization of these interactions is possible without programming. Raptivity is based on Harbinger’s patent-pending technology of rapid interactivity building and that makes it first and only tool of its kind. Do visit http://www.raptivity.com for more information and we would be glad to hear from you.

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