Honda community grows rapidly on brand blog network

I received this interesting press release yesterday about Honda’s blogging community:

"Honda’s controversial decision to sponsor a blog community for its brand through independent network, appears to have been vindicated. In less than two months since the blog was launched, a vibrant Community of Honda owners and other car buyers has come together to share tips & solutions to problems, find unbiased information and read what other consumers have to say before making purchasing decisions.

As 2TalkAbout Honda’s sponsor, the Honda brand appears to be benefiting from supporting an open online dialogue for its customers and potential customers.  Feedback from 2TalkAbout Honda users has shown that consumers appreciated the fact that 2TalkAbout is an independent platform, but also that Honda is paying attention to their views and opinions. Honda is already tapping into high value customer insights and beginning to consider marketing changes to take best advantage of the developing Honda community online."