BBC revamps Web site

When I heard the news that the BBC was revamping its website because "it is in danger of losing the interest of the young generation unless it develops a new breed of personalised and on-demand programming", it made me think how learning departments should be thinking the same thing about their learning solutions available through its portals.

Just replace "the BBC" with the name of your organisation and "TV" with "training" in the next quote, and you’ll see what I mean.

""The BBC should no longer think of itself as a broadcaster of TV and radio (with) some new media on the side," Thompson said in an advance copy of a speech due to be delivered on Tuesday evening.  We should aim to deliver public service content to our audiences in whatever media and on whatever device makes sense for them, whether they are at home or on the move."

DG Mark Thomson goes onto explain what he has in mind, see the article for more detail on this, and then says

"The second wave of digital will be far more disruptive than the first and the foundations of traditional media will be swept away, taking us beyond broadcasting."

That will be the same for the second wave of e-learning.