is a new service that according to Robin Good "breaks fascinating new ground in making video content more accessible and commentable by everyone".

Techcrunch points out that "it hasn’t launched yet, but it does have a good demo site up that shows what the main functionality will include: the ability for the creator and those who watch the video to add annotations anywhere in the stream, and others later to click on those annotations and jump right to that point in the video". uses the .flv Flash video format for distributing its content, which is becoming a de facto standard for online video

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  1. Tim Bulkeley

    This is really interesting, and these look like exciting developments. Any chance of a post on tools for converting video to Flash from more conventional formats (e.g. from a DV camera or already in WMA or AVI etc.)
    Also is it a problem that Flash is a proprietary format that might one day require students to buy into a particular company’s technology?

  2. Jane Knight

    Tim, I’ll post some tools shortly for converting video to Flash.
    Flash readers/players have so far been free. I would expect to see this continuing, as this is the reason why the Flash format has become so popular – ie you don’t have to purchase special players to view it.

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