How can L&D support today’s smart workers?

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By moving from a “command and control” to an “enable and support” mindset and approach. Here are some repurposed slides from a presentation I gave at a conference in 2011 that explain what this means in practice. How can L&D support today’s smart workers? from Jane Hart

Modernising Classroom Training through Technology (Online Workshop)


Next public social online workshop runs: 15 February – 11 March 2016 It is clear that many people find traditional classroom training approaches out of date and frustrating. This workshop looks at how to modernise classroom training through the integration of technology. Most people have a smartphone and/or tablet, and one of the biggest bugbears […]

10 ways to use an Enterprise Social Network for Social Learning


Today, I’m at the Learning Technologies 2016 conference and I’m going to be talking about how to use an ESN (Enterprise Social Network) for Social Learning Many organisations now have an ESN – and although they might not be using it as effectively as they could, you don’t actually need another social learning system but […]

10 not-to-be missed posts from January 2016


Here is my monthly selection of articles, posts and resources to read from January 2016. This month I’ve selected 10 and provided a quote from each. Heather McGowern (LinkedIn, 3 January) in Education is not the answer, wrote “The notion of education implies that there’s a path towards a definitive, finished state wherein an individual has […]

Reminder: 2016 L&D Challenge starts Monday 1 February

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What is the 2016 L&D Challenge? It is a series of activities (over 15 weeks) to extend your own personal learning skills to prepare you for your professional practice of supporting learning in the modern workplace. Part A is designed for you to experience a range of different learning approaches, so that in Part B you […]

5 steps towards Modern Workplace Learning


Following my two previous posts on change in 2016, Rethinking Workplace Learning and Rethinking CPD, I have been asked? “What are the steps for taking this forward in my organisation?” I believe this involves a 5 step process:   See the change Have a vision of what you would like to see in your own organisation: A new […]

2016: Rethinking Continuous Professional Development (CPD)


The other day I was asked in an interview why many in L&D did not participate in much CPD, and how that could be changed. I said that, in my opinion, the lack of interest in CPD was due to a number of factors, including: Learning often seems to be regarded as something L&D make other people […]

Modernising e-learning content


Next public online workshop runs: 11 JANUARY – 5 FEBRUARY 2016 It is clear that many people find traditional training approaches out of date and unappealing, so this is the first in a series of online workshops that look at how to provide modern training. This 4-week workshop offers an opportunity for participants to consider a number of […]

2016: Rethinking workplace learning


Workplace training (and e-learning) are often euphemistically referred to as workplace learning, so there has been an assumption for a long time now that they are one and the same thing. But whilst workplace training/e-learning is about telling people what they need to learn, how they need to learn it, when they need to learn it, and […]

2015 in Review: Workplace Learning – Trends, Disruption & Change


Here is my review of 2015 – in both my own blog posts as well as those that I’ve included in my monthly reviews throughout the year. I’ve given each month a theme (sometimes one which extended into later months of the year!) JANUARY – BLENDED LEARNING In What does the term blended learning mean I revealed […]